The Dio Programming Language


Who is this language for?

Right now just for people who like to write in C and C++. After I implement more features, a debugger and have a standard library it will then be suitable to many more programmers

Where is the source?

It's not up yet. I'm planning to rewrite the compiler in Dio so there's not much of a point as it is now. It would also waste people time if they do a pull request implementing a feature that interferes with an unannounced feature. There's also enough missing that there wouldn't be a point for issue tracking.

With no library why release now?

I'm planning to release a library within the next two release. For then moment C programmers can write wrappers to whatever libraries they want. Today (March 2nd) I started writing a tool to help generate wrapper code. If you're interested in writing a wrapper check back in a week or two

Where do I post questions?

Nowhere at the moment. There might be a forum before June.

How is the compiler so fast?


Why is the compiler so slow?

If you are using the AOT build for windows it will be fairly fast. It will be faster when I rewrite the source. Currently the code is being compiled with dotnet core which is a garbage collected language and takes some time to load up.

Why is the compiler written in C#?

Originally it was in C++. Then I realized with all the const, &'s, *'s, ->'s C# is closer to Dio in syntax. It took roughly a weekend to port and I hope rewriting it in Dio will take less than a week. However, I may have to get a debugger working first

How do I contact you?

You can message me at